Valentine’s Day Style Guide

You know what impresses a woman more than fancy chocolates or decadent dinner plans? The answer is staring you right in the mirror—it’s YOU! Your manners, your romantic behavior, the effort you put in to a special evening… all these things will make her happier than any cheesy flower arrangement. Play the part this Valentine’s Day with your gentlemanlike charm and the swoon-worthy attire to go with it. Follow this style guide to impress your valentine with an impeccable outfit that just might earn you a few extra smooches: 

  • Dress it up. If playing dress up isn’t your forte, you can still look suave with minimal effort by adding a sport coat to an otherwise casual outfit. Dark jeans and a V-neck shirt can be upgraded to an appropriate evening look by simply adding a jacket like this one.
  • She loves me knot. Tie the outfit together. A bowtie or necktie will show her that you paid attention to detail and are aware of how special the occasion is. 
  • Button up. No matter where you’re going on Valentine’s Day, a crisp dress shirt like this one is essential. This staple item is both versatile and attractive on men. For a more casual date, a button-up shirt can be worn on its own with nice slacks or dark jeans and a belt. For a fancier occasion, add a jacket and tie. Make your dress shirt the focal point of your outfit with a bright color or patterned fabric, or wear a solid color to act as a canvas for a vibrant bowtie. 
  • Cozy up. Avoiding the holiday crowds for a weekend getaway? Pack a snuggle-worthy sweater like this one that she won’t be able to resist. Just because you aren’t going out to a nice restaurant doesn’t mean you should slack on your style—a cashmere V-neck or half-zip sweater can still be dressy when paired with nice slacks or a collared undershirt. 

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