J. Hilburn by Cynthia Johnson is a fashion and style process that is perfect for men who don’t have the time or desire to shop, but they still want to look great! By working with our Style Consultants to get your custom measurements, select your pieces and fabrics, and order custom made clothing, you will be well on your way to a stylish closet – without spending hours of your time digging through racks of clothing. It’s fashion that is of the highest quality, while also being convenient and easy for you.

measuringNot only does J. Hilburn style at the assistance of a Style Consultant save you time, but eases the strain on your wallet as well. Our custom-made shirts, suits, and more all come at a cost that’s extremely reasonable. You can have clothing made from the best Italian fabrics and materials at a fraction the cost you’d find anywhere else – plus, it’s custom made and guaranteed for the best fit.

When you meet with our style consultants, you can expect the following services:

  • Attentive consultation on your wardrobe needs
  • Certified expertise in taking your measurements
  • Knowledgeable advice and guidance in selection of fabrics and materials
  • Quality customer service for ordering and delivering your new items
  • Guaranteed quality – if it doesn’t fit or falls short of its expected durability, send it back within 90 days of ordering for a full refund!


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